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Chevy dealer near Tinley Park

The Chevy SS will Retire after 2017

While the Detroit auto show is full of exciting new products, it also can bring undesirable news. Ever since General Motors announced it would be shutting down manufacturing in Australia, questions about the fate...

new Chevy Cruze diesel

Chevy Moves Forward with Cruze Diesel

In the wake of recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency scandals surrounding diesel vehicles, such as the 2015 Volkswagen emissions buzz and the breaking Fiat Chrysler pollution accusations, automakers’ first instincts might be to back...

2017 Chevy 2500 HD

Chevy to Sell Pickup Trucks in China

Of all the questions posed by this year’s election season, car sales in China likely wasn’t at the top of many people’s worries. However, Donald Trump’s status as president-elect has made automakers wonder if...